# WireGuard Token

# What is a WireGuard token?

The WireGuard Canarytoken allows you to add a “fake” WireGuard VPN endpoint on your device in seconds. If your device is compromised, a knowledgeable attacker is likely to enumerate VPN configurations and try to connect to them. With the WireGuard Canarytoken, if this happens, you receive an alert. This can be useful at moments like national border crossings when devices can be seized and inspected out of sight.

# Creating a WireGuard token

Head on over to canarytokens.org (opens new window) and select WireGuard VPN Canarytoken:

Enter your email address along with a reminder on where it's installed then click Create.

You can then scan the QR Code with a phone using the WireGuard app to automatically configure the VPN endpoint. Alternatively, you can copy the WireGuard config to any other device like a laptop or server with WireGuard installed.